How to Get Someone’s Facebook Password?
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How to get someone’s Facebook password? In the detailed article below, we will make it easy for you with a few tips to make this happen. Dig into it now!

Like many other types of passwords, a Facebook password is a tool to prevent anyone’s unauthorized access to your account.

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Some tips to follow

So having someone’s account password allows us to control the information and all activities of that account. Yet, how to get someone’s Facebook password

If you want to learn more about this issue, it is best not to skip today’s article. The methods to get the password will be right below. Let’s read on to discover!

How To Get Someone’s Facebook Password?

You should be aware that most ways to get the password mean fraud. So, you should refer to some ways to prevent someone from taking over your password.

Suspicious Emails

If you open your email and see a message that someone is trying to access your Facebook with a link and asking you to access it, that’s a suspicious email.

These emails try to trick you into following some instructions in the name of Facebook or related agencies. Many hackers try to impersonate a reputable agency and trick us into clicking a link or downloading a file from their email. 

With the forgery getting more sophisticated, it’s getting harder for us to tell the difference.


Phishing is not a new behavior of those with bad intentions on the Internet. It can be that any act of trying to find a way to exploit personal information or other vital information from other users like us can be considered a scam.

Here, hackers will use suspicious emails to contain files or links to websites that can illegally collect your information. 

With this scam, the most common behavior will be to try to ask lots of questions or distract us with a valuable reward. And as long as you have a good eye, you can already recognize the abnormality.

Fake Facebook

Contrary to what we imagine, building a website that looks like Facebook is easy with just a few simple codes that even beginner programmers can do.

Therefore, many hackers have exploited these factors to create fake websites to collect user information.

These impostors will include links to fake web pages in suspicious emails with sensational or intriguing content to us. For a better disguise, the counterfeit pages will be very similar even to 90% of the actual domain name to the interface.

Although no two URLs are precisely the same, it is possible to deceive unsuspecting users using special characters.

After tricking us into these websites, the bad guys will ask us to give them sensitive information and possibly even Facebook passwords. 

Fake Facebook is a perfect combination between suspicious emails and phishing. So there are not too many people who can stay awake and escape the evil intentions of hackers by deploying the above method.

Password Spraying

Remembering too many complex passwords is annoying for many people, so there are many cases where users set passwords that are pretty easy to guess and lack the necessary complexity.

Taking advantage of this mentality, hackers will collect a list of common passwords to conduct mass login attempts with all of these passwords.

And if a user accidentally sets a password in the list, the hacker will also be able to log in and take over the account.


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A strong password

Which is the strongest password?

According to many security experts, a password containing 12 characters or more, including letters, capital letters, numbers, and special symbols with a unique combination that only you know is a strong password. 

So passwords that are long or contain even special easy-to-get characters are not considered strong.

How do hackers steal your passwords?

Most hackers start by sending emails or messages to victims and then trick them into believing they belong to a reputable unit. Thereby, they convince users to give their personal information or passwords to scammers.


The post has shared how to get someone’s Facebook password. Through today’s article, you have gained more knowledge to understand more about the scammers’ tricks, thus avoiding the traps that these names are thrown out.

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