Can I Join Facebook Anonymously? Step-By-Step Guides
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Can I join Facebook anonymously? We guide you step by step for you to follow and do it quickly in the article below. Check it out right now!

Facebook is the world’s largest social network that helps you connect with millions of users. But many people are tired of not having privacy when using and want to remain anonymous on this social networking platform.

So, can I join Facebook anonymously? This article will explain it step by step for you to follow easily. Dig into it now!

Can I Join Facebook Anonymously?

Yes. You can create an anonymous account to use Facebook or limit the range of people who can search you by email or phone number provided to Facebook.

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Anonymous access

There are reasons why you should create an anonymous account. You can live true to your true self and thoughts without fear of being scrutinized, or judged. 

An anonymous account also helps you avoid the risk of losing information or personal data. Here are the steps to have an anonymous FB account.

Step 1: Create a burner email

To sign up for an account, you need a phone number or email to sign up. 

You should also create a new email or use an email that does not contain any of your information for anonymous use. 

However, you should also save the information you register for this email, such as your date of birth or registered phone number. During use, Facebook will ask to authenticate some of this information.

Step 2: Sign up for a FB account

  • After having a spam email or phone number, you can already use it to sign up for a new account. 
  • Go to the app or website and select “Create a new account” right on the homepage. Now you can optionally name the new one according to your preferences. Be careful not to use your real name or words and symbols that make you recognizable to others to avoid detection.
  • Even at the birthday party, you should choose any date, but this day should not be the birthday of a loved one or your anniversary. You can even set today as your birthday. 
  • After setting up the initial information, please press the Register button to confirm.
  • After pressing the Register button, the system will send a confirmation email or text message to your email or phone number.
  • Access your email or check your phone message to get the code. If you sign up by phone, this platform will ask you to access your contacts. 
  • Click decline this request to avoid your profile appearing in the suggestions of other acquaintances.

Step 3: Add friends and anonymous access

After completing the above steps, you already have an account. This add friends step will help you build your account to look more trustworthy to reach other people or find attractive websites easily. 

Remember to add a profile picture to make your account look more authentic. But remember not to use personal photographs.

Depending on the purpose of using this account, you can make friends with your loved ones or not. Yet, you should be careful by making your friends list private. 

How to Keep Your Privacy on Facebook?

When you start using a new one, you may want to take some precautions to ensure privacy. A few introductory notes are image identification, name, or place of residence, and there are a few more points that you should probably know.

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Keep Your Privacy

Privacy settings

Many people don’t notice this, and every comment, share, or you like something is made public. Many people have fallen into being interested in an event, but it’s not real. So take control of your privacy by adjusting it in your settings.

Not updating profile information.

When you first create one, Facebook will regularly prompt you to update to complete the same information as a regular user.

However, you can skip this section or find virtual details to fill in if you feel too uncomfortable with Facebook’s prompts.

Avoid interacting with acquaintances.

Some people are pretty sensitive, and they can recognize your style through just a few sentences. So even if you use one, you should be careful to avoid getting into trouble.

Can You Be Totally Anonymous On Facebook? 

It is up to you to decide whether to remain completely anonymous. 

Some people create anonymous accounts but stay connected and in touch with really close people. Some people use anonymous accounts to live a completely different life, separate from reality. 

So it’s up to you to decide whether or not you can stay completely anonymous.

If you use the second method, it should be avoided for others to see when you are using the account. You should also not log into this account on too many devices, especially shared devices or computers at work.


With its strong development, Facebook can become a problem to worry about. 

Many people stay connected with friends or because of work requirements, and they are to communicate with each other on Facebook. 

Can I Join Facebook anonymously? The answer is yes. 

You can get utterly anonymous access to Facebook by narrowing down your search from other people with your email or phone number. 

Anonymous Facebook is now a method to help you live honestly and freely express your views without fear of judgment.

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