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Meta: You want to save video on Facebook but worry that Facebook downloader is not reliable enough? Now you can download FB HD 720p, Full HD 1080P Videos on Wati.Info easily.

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Quick and easy steps to download videos from Wati

FB Download: Free Video On Android, Iphone & Desktop

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites today, with more than 2.6 billion active users. With such a vast number of participants on this platform, you can find helpful content in various formats, from text to images, videos.
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The question is, how can you save the above content, especially video? How to enjoy your favorite videos even without an Internet connection? If you are interested in the above problem, do not ignore the Facebook downloader tips below. Let's scroll down to read more information!

How To Deal With Private Facebook Videos?

As you have seen, most of the above software and applications only support saving content in public mode. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy private content offline. In addition to using Getfbstuff.com as instructed above, there are a few things you can do to deal with non-public content on social networks:

How To Deal With Facebook Messenger Video?

For Messenger Videos, you can easily save them just by following these instructions:
For PC For smartphones

Any tips To Download Without any Software

You can save videos to your device without the need for third-party software, as long as the content you want to download is only in SD format. If you wish for a higher definition image, you will need the tools above. Back to the way to save media files without software, follow the procedure:

Features of Facebook Downloader from Wati

Facebook Downloader from Wati.Info has many interesting features and now you can know everything before using it. I used to be a Facebook user and when I was surfing FB, I didn’t know how to download good videos from the news feed or watch tab. Understanding the needs by many, I have decided to create this website to allow you to download FB videos faster and easier.

Wati Facebook Downloader is not too complicated. Here, you can copy the link of the Facebook videos you want to download and paste it into the empty box in the download section and click download. Then, you can choose to download and wait a few seconds (to a few minutes) before the download is completed.

1/ Download high-quality and sharp videos

With Wati Facebook Downloader, you can download and watch videos with great quality. As long as the video you want to download supports high resolution, Wati can detect and download it easily.

2/ Free and unlimited use

The best thing about Wati is that you can use it without limits. As long as you have a computer or phone with an internet connection, you can start downloading FB videos online quickly. And it’s 100% free.

3/ Easy use on Android/iOS or Windows

One outstanding advantage of the Facebook video downloader from Wati is that you can use it easily from across many devices and operating systems. Case in point, you can use your Android/iOS phone or from a PC with Windows or Linux.

4/ Free and unlimited use

You can freely use the site without worries because, with Wati Facebook Downloader, everything is free. The site allows you to download unlimited FB clips every day.

5/ Download Videos from Profile pages, Watch, Reels, Live Stream, Groups, Private, and Stories

No longer do you have to worry that you will not be able to download videos from Groups, Fan pages, personal Profiles, or from Reels… because, with Wati Downloader’s detection feature, it will help you quickly download all Facebok videos easily.

6/ Download Online FB Videos directly on the web without software

With the Wati.Info website, you can easily download all high-quality videos without downloading or installing any software or applications on your phone or PC/Laptop.

FAQ for You!

All the information above helps you to save your favorite content to your device and enjoy it at any time. However, there is still quite a lot of other related information as below.

✅ Quick Video Download:: ⭐ Fast loading speed
✅ Free Use: ⭐ Download Online free and Unlimited
✅ Support all videos: ⭐ Watch, Reels, Live Stream, Group, Private, Story
✅ High quality video: ⭐ Full HD, 2K, video support
How to download from a private group?

To download video Facebook online from private groups, you can refer to the method below: First, find the post in the private group that contains the video you want to save. Next, copy the URL link. Next, edit the URL by replacing www with basic. The new link quickly leads you to the mobile version of the site. On the site's mobile version, you can find all the video files. However, you may not be able to download high-quality multimedia files. Instead, you need to take the following steps. Go to the Network tab of the Developer Console. Then refresh the web page by pressing F5. This refresh step is required so you can make sure the browser will download every resource on the web. Finally, click on the video. In the new tab, right-click on the screen and select Save Video As; you will have a multimedia file in MP4 format.

Why can't I download videos from Facebook?

The reason may lie that the content you want to own is private. Sometimes, the tool you use is not updated to the latest version can cause errors in the download process.

What is the best Facebook video downloader?

Wati.Info is the most reliable and convenient site to download video Facebook. Because with this address, you do not need to ask for the help of third-party applications, nor do you need to perform complicated procedures. Not only that, but Wati.Info also supports you in choosing the video's resolution and converting MP4 files to MP3 quickly.

Do I pay to download videos?

Is not. With Wati.Info you can use it for free and without limitation.

What is Wati Facebook Downloader? Why use it to download videos?

Wati.Info is a website that allows you to download all kinds of videos easily, with many features for downloading Videos from Profile pages, Fan pages, Groups, or Private videos with high quality.

Can you download videos on your computer/laptop?

Yes. You can use Wati.Info's Facebook Video Downloader to get all kinds of high-quality videos easily.

Does Wati.Info allow downloading 1080, 2k, 4k videos?

Yes, however depending on the original video quality, if the video is 720p, you may not be able to download the video in Full HD.

Is Wati.Info safe? Does it come with any malicious code or virus?

No. You can safely use Wati to download any videos= because we simply grab the video's address and support you to download it from Facebook's servers directly. Therefore, it's completely safe.

What if Wati.Info has an error and does not recognize the video link?

Please contact me via my Email or leave a comment. I will help you download the video and fix the error.

Can you save FB videos on your phone?

Yes. When beginning the download, don't forget to choose the path to save to your phone's storage. Moreover, you can also check the videos in your Gallery.

What types of videos can Wati.Info download?

You can download videos from Fan pages, Groups, Stories, Live Streams, or Reels.

Can you get videos online or offline?

With Wati.Info, you only need an Internet connection (3G, 4G, or WiFi) to videos Online from FB.

Can I get Videos from Comments or from FB Messenger?

No. This is because you cannot copy the links to those videos, thus unable to download them.